Have moles ravaged your yard? Did the frost’s heaving create lumps and bulges? Or has your lawn been bumpy since the day you first moved into your home? Whatever the case, it’s clear that you need to learn how to level your lawn. To get started, you’ll need a half-moon cutter, a turfing iron (or a spade), a gardening fork, soil, fertilizer (any pre-seeder variety), a broom, lawn seed, and a garden hose. Note: this method works well if your lawn has just a few bumps or dents. If your entire yard dips up and down, you’ll need to find a more dramatic method of leveling – or maybe find a professional lawn service Springfield MO company.

green grass

First, you’ll need to cut the bump or hollowed spot with your half-moon cutter. Make a cross shape that is centered on the imperfection. Then, using the turfing iron or spade, make horizontal cuts 1-2 inches beneath the grass. Keep your cuts as flat, even, and neat as possible.

You can gently peel back the turf at this point, pulling slowly so that it doesn’t break apart. If the soil is too dry and starts to crumble, lightly water the area and allow the moisture to sink in before you continue.

If you’re trying to lower a bump, at this point you can start digging out soil. Remove just a little at a time, stopping when the area is level so your landscaping Springfield MO isn’t messed up. Then, fold in the flaps of soil and firmly press them down with your foot.

shovel in dirt and grass

If you’re filling in an indentation, start by prodding the area with a garden fork. This will break up the compacted soil and any large clods. If you find bulky stones, remove them. Then, lightly compact the soil again with your foot and pour over your topsoil. Rake the soil out to fit the dent and add more, bit by bit, until the area is level. Treat the area with a pre-seeder fertilizer before you fold the four flaps back down. Then, press them down firmly with your foot, moving from the outer edges into the center.

Whether you were filling in a dent or lowering a bump, at this point you need to brush topsoil into the edges of the cross to fill in gaps and prevent dryness. Then, top the cross with a bit of lawn seed and sprinkle on some water.

That’s all there is to it. If your yard has an irritating bump or dent, now is the time to fix it. It’s easier than you’d think!